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Planning Checklist For Your Corporate Events

Pre-planning is one of the most important factors of a successful event. Planning helps you design and deliver a meaningful corporate event that will benefit the overall goals of your business. Here is a checklist you can use to complete the planning process for your corporate event.

Determine purpose: You have to make sure that the event you are organizing serves a specific purpose. Take your time to determine the goals of the event. The goals can be to provide an informational meeting, a seminar, interaction with clients and business partners, promoting a product etc. identifying your correct goals will create a meaningful function that will benefit your business or company.

Identify target audience: You need to decide who will benefit most from the event you are organizing. The type of event will greatly influence your guest list.

Choose dates: Choosing the most appropriate date and time for the event is fundamental for a successful event. Which type of event you are hosting will determine the time and date that is most appropriate.

Determine budget: Make a list of expenses related with your event. Make a list of expenses which will be assumed by the sponsor and by the attendees. Consider comparing your budget with those from previous events to gauge costs to check if you are spending too much.

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Wedding Caterers – Tips On Choosing A Wedding Caterer

Wedding caterers have the great powers to make or break your special day. Food is a very important factor for all types of events and it doesn’t get more important if it is a wedding function or a reception. Food is the one thing that your guests will always remember. This is why it is important to make sure you hire the best caterer for your plans. The caterer you select should be able to satisfy the essentials of your party – location, theme, guests, and budget.

Before hiring a caterer, it is always important to decide on the menu and type of food you wish to be served at the event. It is best to look for an experienced catering service which can set up and serve the dishes for the type of party that you want. Go for the caterers who have good reviews and have the best logistics, transportation and other necessary facilities.

While some caterers specialize in intimate setups, others serve superb food even if you have a large number of guests. Make the list of estimated number of people you plan to invite and then check the wedding caterer’s portfolios to see if they will be able to serve the size of party that you’re planning.

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4 Steps To Choosing The Right Wedding Reception Hall

The first thing you do after your engagement is setting a date and selecting a wedding reception hall. While this can be a fun process, as these halls vary by size, price, décor and other features, getting the perfect hall for your needs can be a difficult task also.

Following tips can make your search for the right hall an easier process:

1) Style: Know your style before you start searching for a hall. Whether you like suburbs or city; whether you like old charm or something that is modern and trendy.
2) Budget: You need to take a close look at the people who will be coming for the reception; accordingly fix your budget
3) Shortlist best halls: Short list at least 5 wedding reception halls in your area depending on your requirements and budget. After shortlisting, call them for an appointment. Make sure to take a list of questions o ask the reception coordinator. After your visit, you should have answers on price, food, preferred vendors, down payments, capacity of the hall, operation times, etc.
4) Making decision: After getting answers to your question, it is time to make a decision and book the hall to reserve your date.

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