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Inspecting and selecting a banquet hall for your wedding

If you have made a list of all the possible banquet halls, it is time to go and inspect each and every possible banquet hall in your area and get an idea about the location. Check the cleanliness and friendliness of the staff. See how the landscaping is done and whether the premises are beautiful. Try and imagine how the wedding celebrations will look like in the hall. Ask the manager for photographs of previous parties and if you like them, then you have a potential location.

I liked several halls. Which one should I finally choose?

Making a list of the various pros and cons about the banquet hall will also help you a great deal in selecting the one place.

Two things you can note down are:

- The general atmosphere of the banquet hall: Was one warm and friendly while the other stiff and formal?
- The attitude of the staff: Were they courteous and patient or money-minded and rude?

Take the opinions of your friends and family in this regard and be open to their suggestions, as it will help you notice things from a new perspective. Ask your fiancé for her views.

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Planning out an event at a banquet hall

One can host a number of occasions at a banquet hall. Corporate functions, social get-togethers, charity functions or fundraisers, birthday and wedding parties – a banquet hall can give life to a number of social events. If you have a major event coming up and feel that a banquet hall is where you would like to host it, it is advisable that you take your time to finalize the location. All banquet halls differ in terms of the services they provide, the number of people they can accommodate and their policies. Therefore, planning and researching carefully can separate a bad event from a grand success.

Some things to watch out for in a banquet hall

Depending on the time of year, a banquet hall might have a dance floor, air conditioning facility (in Canada, this might not be a requisite for you though), parking facilities, changing rooms, etc. Apart from this, various banquet halls have restrictions on some types of activities. A formal banquet hall might not allow dancing or loud music on the premises so if you are planning to include that in the event, go for a different banquet hall. In any case, talk openly with the manager during the planning to prevent any mishaps.

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Banquet halls in Canada

Do you have a major event coming up such as you bar mitzvah party or a wedding reception? Chances are that you will be looking for a banquet hall to cater to your entertainment needs. Worry not for Canadian cities such as Vaughan, Mississauga, Toronto and Richmond Hill have plenty of options for banquet halls. However, you will need to get your hands dirty and do a thorough research to finalize a proper banquet hall.

Always go for one that provides extra services such as catering, limousine pickups and transfers, lights and sound, and enough seating for all your guests. Why? This will save you a lot of time and trouble that comes with working with a separate catering agency, limousine company or music provider. An all-in-one banquet will help you save money too!

You can easily go online and do a quick Google search for “Wedding banquet halls” or simply “banquet halls in Canada” and you will quickly see the best of the best listed online. Check out their website carefully. If they have created a proper, detailed website listing all the services offered and the prices, it will usually be a good banquet hall. This in itself will give you a way of screening out the bad ones.

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Which are the potential wedding halls that match my criteria?

When you are planning your wedding, selecting the location of your wedding ( for example a banquet hall) is perhaps one of the most important things. Start by first making a list of all the possible options that are available in your area. Search online, look for magazine ads in bridal magazines and ask around for referrals.

Once you have a list of the possible locations, start calling them up and ask for the kind of services they provide. Do they have in-house catering facilities? What kinds of dishes are available on the menu? Is there adequate light and sound? And finally, does the banquet hall fit your budget? If yes, can your style of wedding happen there?

After thrashing out these queries, scratch out the halls which do not meet your criteria. If you shortlisted 20-30 halls, chances are that simply by visiting their websites and talking to the manager on the phone, you will have reduced this list by half. Once you have a shorter list, start touring the potential wedding locations with your spouse. Talking to the banquet manager about the facilities and his or her experience in throwing a wedding party can also help you decide whether or not to choose a particular hall.

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Some questions you should ask every banquet hall manager

When you are out looking for the perfect banquet hall for your wedding, you must be prepared in advance because their salesmen will try their best to get you to commit on the spot. Stand your ground and visit all the banquet halls. In addition, be prepared with all the questions that you might have so that you can clear out all the details in advance.

Some questions that you might ask are:

1. How many hours can you rent the reception hall for?
2. What kind of catering is available?
3. Can you arrange for your own catering if desired?
4. Are there extra charges for services such as valet parking, open bar, different flower arrangements, etc?
5. Depending on how many people are invited, will there be sufficient serving staff, bartenders, etc. available?
6. Are there extra rooms for guests and the bridal party to use to dress up?

A common tactic that these people employ is telling you that if you wait, the hall might not be available on the chosen dates. In 9 cases out of 10, this is just to scare you into booking in a hurry. Take your time and discuss every possible detail.

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Make Your Wedding Memorable – Selecting A Good Banquet Hall

If you are planning for your big wedding day, you must take special care when you are finalizing the location or banquet hall for your wedding reception. For many couples, this also doubles up as the wedding ceremony site. It is very important that you think carefully because all your wedding memories and dreams will be shaped by the location that you choose. To get help,

One of the most basic questions that you can ask yourself when you are planning out the location to ask yourself what style of wedding you want. Simply answering this can give you a fair idea of which type of banquet hall will suit you.

Every couple has some personal preferences around which they want to theme their wedding. What are yours? Do you enjoy events that have a surreal, fairytale-like aura to them or do prefer to keep things simple? Or are you the party-hopping kind of couple who likes crazy parties? Talk about this with your partner. If both of you have different visions and preferences, visiting the actual location and visualizing the wedding is advisable. It will help a lot in forming an idea of what kind of party you want to throw and where.

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Choosing a banquet hall? Prepare a guest list first!

Making a guest list is an important step in the wedding planning process. Having a rough estimate of the number of people who are likely to come to your wedding will give you an idea of how large the banquet hall should be. Think of all your friends through school, college and your workplace. Think of all the people you know who like parties – these can actually put more life into yours!

Make a list and keep space for extra people. If you are estimating a 100 people, book a hall that has room for at least 120 or 130. You never know who all might end up crashing your party!

Secondly, you need to decide where you will have the wedding ceremony. If you are planning to have you wedding ceremony in a church, ensure that the church is not very far from the wedding reception hall. After the ceremony, you and all your guests will have to travel that far so make arrangements accordingly. A lot of couples prefer to have the ceremony in the banquet hall itself which is a good idea if you don’t want to put your guests through the trouble of travelling during the day.

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Selecting a banquet hall without being confused

There are high chances that you might end up liking more than one wedding reception hall and get confused as to which one should you finally select. How should you finally select one?

Pay special attention to how the staff and salespeople are treating you. Are they forcing a deal or are they making you comfortable and answering all your questions politely?

Secondly, inquire about any kind of restrictions that the hall has. For example with decorations, restrictions are a common thing. Some people would love to have candles for their wedding ceremony but the banquet hall might not allow due to safety restrictions. Clearing out these details with the owner of the banquet hall well in advance is highly advisable.

The banquet hall should have a good reputation in the local community. Ask some friends who have gotten married about the problems that are likely to come up and what the banquet hall needs to have to sort them out.

This is the general outline of all the steps that you might have to take when selecting a wedding banquet hall for your party. It might seem a lot of work to some and come naturally to others. In any case, this guide will help you in narrowing down the choices that you have and select the best possible banquet hall in your area.

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The role of a banquet hall manager

The banquet hall manager will prove extremely useful in helping you plan and organize your event in an organized and efficient way. On the other hand, a fresh manager will lack experience and might not be of much help at your event. The banquet hallof your choice should have an experienced banquet manager.

Talking openly with the banquet manager is what most people should ideally do. You can ask them about their experience, past events and weddings they have organized, etc. If the banquet manager has been in charge of a particular hall for a number of years, it usually means that he is an experienced and competent manager who knows how to run a hall. He has been in charge of several events in the past and will be well versed with various aspects of event management.

To further testify to the quality of service and experienced offered, you could always request for references to past clients. You can ask for their names and numbers and talk to them about their experience with the banquet hall and its staff. They will be able to give you a pretty good idea about everything that you can expect, the good and the bad things.

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Choosing a banquet facility for your bar mitzvah

One of the best methods for selecting a banquet hall for your bar/bat mitzvah ceremony is to ask a close friend. Ask around in your community for chances are that you already know of someone who recently had their bar mitzvah ceremony. Ask him or her for suggestions of banquet halls can lead you to a good banquet hall without a lot of headache.

Or still better, if you have been invited to someone’s celebration at a banquet hall in the past, try and look that up and see if there is a venue that you liked.

An important aspect of A Good Banquet Hall – the staff to guest ratio

One important aspect of every nice banquet hall is the staff to guest ratio. It should be enough for the number of people who are expected to come to your party.

To keep guests happy and well attended to, the banquet hall of your choice must provide an adequate number of support staff such as waiters, bartenders, etc. Ensure that a ratio of one server for 20 people is available. Otherwise, some of your guests might feel left out or not attended to, leaving a bad impression of you as a host.

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